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Peeling skin syndrome

Peeling skin syndrome 2
Peeling skin syndrome – a genetic disorder characterized by constant peeling of the skin.

  • the disease appears from birth or in the first year of life
  • lasts a lifetime
  • a very rare disease that, according to available data, affects men and women equally
Peeling skin syndrome
Peeling skin syndrome 3
Peeling skin syndrome
Сlinical symptoms

It occurs most often:

  • constant skin peeling, flaking
  • there is no soreness or unpleasant sensations when peeling the skin
  • the skin is dry
  • the skin may become scaly, reminiscent of fish skin
  • peeling can be triggered by sunburn, sweat, mechanical damage, etc


possible skin changes on the whole body or only on the extremities

  • in the case of a widespread form in the newborn, other immune system and metabolic disorders often appear together, which often results in the patients not surviving
  • in the case of a localized form, the lesions can be of very different degrees, so some affected individuals remain undiagnosed

other related changes:

  • short height
  • disturbed puberty


Patient survey and examination data are very important for diagnosis. However, a skin biopsy is required to confirm the diagnosis, and blood and urine tests can also help.


The Dermatologist tailors a personalized care approach for each individual. This includes broad strategies like safeguarding the skin from harm or irritation.

The treatment may involve a range of hydrating lotions, topical applications that aid in skin renewal, oral medications to support skin health, and occasionally, treatments to manage allergic reactions. 

If you are unsure about your diagnosis and over-the-counter remedies from the pharmacy don’t help – seek help from a dermatologist!
iDerma team will provide a consultation within 24 hours, explain your diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment remotely!
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