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Purpura simplex

Purpura simplex leg
Purpura simplex – a hematological disease characterized by an increased tendency to form bruises due to increased fragility of blood vessels.

  • very common disease
  • affects more women than men
  • the exact cause and mechanism remain unclear
  • there may be various disorders as one of the symptoms or a variant of the norm
  • there may be more cases of this disease in the family
Purpura simplex hand -skin disease
Purpura simplex neck

Risk factors

The following factors increase the likelihood of developing this disease:

  • low body mass
  • taking medicines that affect the clotting system.
  • previous use of glucocorticoids (hormones).
  • sun exposure
Clinical symptoms

Purpura simplex is characterized by:

  • discoloration of the skin and/or mucous membranes due to damage to small blood vessels and bleeding
  • color changes occur on their own without previous bruising
  • the initial color is violet, which goes through several stages over a few weeks, then the following colors can be seen: orange, brown, blue, green
  • by size: up to 2 mm are called petechiae, larger ones are called ecchymoses
  • localization: thighs, buttocks, upper arms

In most cases, the patient’s survey and examination data are sufficient to establish the diagnosis. Blood tests may be performed, during which coagulation indicators are checked (a typical variant of the norm).

There is no special treatment. The disease itself, in the absence of another illness, is not life-threatening. It is recommended to correct risk factors, avoid aspirin and preparations containing it.

If you are unsure about your diagnosis and over-the-counter remedies from the pharmacy don’t help – seek help from a dermatologist!
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